Hindu Wisdom

Uddhava addressing Sri Krishna:

I consider this yoga extremely difficult to follow for one who is not a master of his senses. Pray teach me a simple way how a man may easily attain the highest end.

Sri Krishna:

Now I shall tell of spiritual practices which are easy to follow. If a mortal practices them sincerely, verily will he conquer invincible death.

W ith thy heart tranquil, keep me inconstant remembrance while performing thy duties as service to me. Surrender thyself to me heart and soul, and thou shalt find joy in following my path. Live in the society of holy men, my devotees, and imitate their conduct. With thy heart purified, see me, the all-pervading Atman, in thyself and in the hearts of all other beings.

Oh noble soul,
open thy divine sight and regard and honor all beings as myself. Wise is he who looks with an equal eye upon all beings, seeing the one indwelling God in the hearts of all. He who meditates on my divine nature as present in every man becomes free from rivalry, from jealousy, from hatred, and from the consciousness of ego.

One who has realized Brahman sees Brahman everywhere and in all. To look upon all beings as myself, and to shape one's conduct toward them accordingly, in thought, word, and deed--that is the best method of worship. Such is the wisdom of the wise and the insight of the intelligent, by which in this very birth--this illusory and fleeting existence--one may reach even to me, the real and the eternal.

Srimad Bhagavatam
The Wisdom of God
Chapter XXI