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First Nation Peoples' Wisdom and Spirituality



"My grandmother used to make me hold a broom and jump through it while holding it in both hands; she said I was thinking more on one side than the other and that would help me find balance. It is very challenging to jump through a broom; either you are very present or you fall flat on your face. My grandmother was telling me, "Your actions have more meaning than your promises; they need doing now." And she took that lesson deeper: she showed me that when you think something accomplished, it is easier. I thought jumping through the broom was hard. She said, "Your thought is just as important as your action because all action begins in your mind." I thought about that for four days. When it became clear, then I jumped easily over the broom handle.

Then an even deeper lesson came clear to my mind: what we are thinking is as if we have done it. Even how we think and speak of other people affects them. If we describe someone as harsh or ignorant, we are not acknowledging the gem of pure mind in ourselves or them because we are voicing an idea form that is negative and static, depleting energy for change and transformation.

When you step upon the path to clarify your own mind by making clear your speech, by speaking in an affirmative way, the channels in the spine become more open. When we are able to say, "Oh, this is happening," without being attached to or repulsed by what is happening, the channels become more clear. Why is it so important that the spine become clear? It is becuase our words, as thought and vibration, have the power to shape, to determine, our future realities. If we speak in fear or in a way that encapsulates and energizes a negative attitude, we are freezing the moment, not letting the full breath move through.

Thus the first step is to clarify your speech, by making a committment to see the best in yourself. When you see old patterns of thought, speech or behavior that obscure the clarity, do not be attached--either positively or negatively--to the attitude that has shown its face upon the mirror of your mind. Know that anger, bitterness, doubt are feelings, and feelings, by their nature, are fleeting. What is the essential nature of one's own mind? That is the question we are to explore."

As we spiral into deeper awareness, we see that we are people who are changing. In being alive we have the opportunity to look at the qualities of life, to see the gift of mind--and to make a choice: to manifest the creative voice that builds a world of beauty, a world of peace to benefit all beings unto seven generations. That is why compassion, caring, being a caretaker for others and ourselves, is so important. What we do today, how we feel about ourselves in this moment, has an effect upon the entire circle of life. Our thought is a power. Our emotions attract to us what is in our life. There is no accident. In the Native view "sin" comes from stepping away from one's ability and potential. We are all born pure; we all have the perfect mind of Creation within. The attitudes that may obscure that perfection can be very easily transformed when we energetically affirm the power of clear mind: "I intend to realize truth in this time."

In the Tsalagi worldview, it is said that seven lifetimes of spiritual activity will enable one to realize the Mystery. The energetic can do it in one lifetime, and then may become a planet, a mother-father of all things, as my grandmother has done."

Dhyani Ywahoo
" Voices of our Ancestors"
Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire