Artist  Acknowledgements

The artists and their artistic expressions are not correlated to the philosphical, spiritual or religious pages upon which their work is displayed. The choice of pages is entirely that of the site facilitator and is not indicative in any way of the philosophies, spiritual or religious practices of the artists themselves.

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      Hendra Setiaji     "Orchid"     photograph

      Evelyn Wolff       "Passion Flower"  stained glass
         Evelyn Wolff       "Lotus"  stained glass           
         J.G. Fiddler     "Thunder Spirit"    acrylic on canvas
      Freydoon Rassouli   "The Mystery of the Universe"  oil on canvas   link to site
       Janet Stahle-Fraser   "The Harvest"   acrylic on canvas                                                              
      Chard Chenier     'Prayer"    acrylic on canvas    htttp://www,
       Katerina Fretwell   "Time 3"   acrylic on canvas

    Comart   "Gabriel"   computer art link.html

       Katerina Fretwell   "Sombrero Galaxy"
          Joy Allan   "MandalaBH"
      Comart  "Gold YHWH"    computer art link.html
       NASA    Hubble telescope photograph   hst_wolf-rayet_9838
       Comart   "Friends"    computer art link.html

     Valerie Nichol  "Sargasso Sea"   oil on canvas 

        Valerie Nichol  "World Within A Shell"   oil on canvas

     Lisa Lipsett   "Opening III"    acrylic, ink & oil stick on paper

      Photographer Unknown   please contact us if you recognize!!

           photo of  Heaume kuba "royal" mask    
Democratic Republic of the Congo
                 photographer and collector    J.J. Fillinger

           Lisa Lipsett     "Wing"      oil based ink on paper
          June Elder       "Making Snow Angels"